Recent PhotoShoot-Part 1

    Had so much fun working with this beautiful woman. Styling, Makeup and Photography are the services offered. We are planning part two (outdoors) and are very exited about it. I do have to say, this is a lot of work and this hot weather gets on the way some times, but I love what I do and having a happy and grateful customer makes it all worth it. I really love my job!


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Do you know your style?



Hi beautiful, do you have a closet full of clothes and have no idea what to wear?

Now a days everything goes, most rules don’t exist anymore when it comes to fashion, but style is another story. How do you know what is your style?

“Know, first who you are and then adorn your self accordingly” 

Ask your self this questions:

  • Do I know my Body type?
  • Do I know what looks good on me?
  • Do I know what colors make me look and feel better?
  • Do I have a style or go with the flow (trends)?


If you can answer this questions, finding a style would make things a lot easier for you.

Knowing this will allow you the freedom  and confidence to express your style thru your personality.



Are you using the right foundation?




If you are having problems with your foundation, it is possible you are not using the correct one. This is a brief description of the main formulas offered by most brands and what type of skin works best with them. This are my favorite brands and the ones I carry in my kit.


Thank you!

Video!! Every day Natural Makeup Look!


This look is perfect for the busy lady!
For work, school or a fun date outdoors.

Brands & Products used for this look:
Ben Nye (Eye Brow Pencil, Eyeshadow Base/concealer, Lip Liner)
La Femme (Eye Shadow Palette #2)
RCMA (Foundation)
FaceAtelier (Foundation)
Beauty Blender (Makeup Sponge)
Bdellium Brush Set (Eye Brush Set)
MaqPro Palette Fard Creme (lip and cheek palette)
Embryolisee (Moisturizer/Primer)

Let me know if you have any questions!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Must Have!! Makeup Brush Set for the Eyes!!

This are your basic must have eye brushes!
They are perfect for any eye makeup application!!
Great quality, affordable and are perfect for new makeup artist or the everyday woman interested in looking beautiful every day with out spending hours in front of the mirror!