Video!! Every day Natural Makeup Look!

This look is perfect for the busy lady!
For work, school or a fun date outdoors.

Brands & Products used for this look:
Ben Nye (Eye Brow Pencil, Eyeshadow Base/concealer, Lip Liner)
La Femme (Eye Shadow Palette #2)
RCMA (Foundation)
FaceAtelier (Foundation)
Beauty Blender (Makeup Sponge)
Bdellium Brush Set (Eye Brush Set)
MaqPro Palette Fard Creme (lip and cheek palette)
Embryolisee (Moisturizer/Primer)

Let me know if you have any questions!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Must Have!! Makeup Brush Set for the Eyes!!

This are your basic must have eye brushes!
They are perfect for any eye makeup application!!
Great quality, affordable and are perfect for new makeup artist or the everyday woman interested in looking beautiful every day with out spending hours in front of the mirror!

Stopping is not an option…..Keep dreaming and achieving.

I love to challenge my self with new projects, ideas and dreams. I never stop, most of the time it takes longer than expected, but with one goal in mind, get to the finish line. Someone once told me, “you dream to much, stop it, you need to be realistic” and yes I then believed it was true, but only for a while, I can and never will stop. I tell you the same thing, Never stop. It’s never easy, but that is the best part.


Me fascina realizar proyectos nuevos, ideas y concretar mis sueños. No me gusta estar quieta y la mayoría de las veces el tiempo estimado a terminar mis proyectos es mas largo de lo que me gustaría, pero lo importante es tener una meta y llegar a la recta final. Una vez alguien me dijo, “suenas mucho, tienes que ser realista”. Y en aquel entonces lo creí pero solo por un tiempo, es mi naturaleza, sonar despierta y hacerme retos. No puedo dejar de hacerlo. Y aunque nunca es fácil, lo mejor es voltear y decir lo logre, con esos obstáculos, es lo mejor!